Maintaining confidentiality is central to our work. Your therapist will not discuss the details of your therapy sessions with anyone else without your permission. Breaking confidentiality would only be considered in the following exceptional circumstances, these include: if your therapist is concerned you may be seriously at risk of harming yourself, harming another person or if another person is seriously of harm to you or if a child is at risk of being harmed. In such instances your therapist will make every effort to discuss the situation with you first but if that was not possible, your therapist would consider contacting relevant services e.g. your GP or emergency services.

As a requirement of good ethical practice and a commitment to continuing therapeutic excellence, each therapist discusses clinical work with their clinical supervisor. Their supervisor does not have access to your personal details and is bound by the same rules of confidentiality.

If you have any queries about confidentiality please do not hesitate to let us know and we will be pleased to respond.

Our combination of counselling, psychotherapy and counselling has helped many people gain relief and learn effective strategies for tackling a wide range of challenges including:

Making difficult decisions, finding the path in life that makes you happy, achieving success, managing stress, balancing life and work, improving self-confidence, overcoming mid-life crises, managing relationships better (marriage, divorce, choosing better partners, dating, loneliness, jealousy, arguments, pre-marriage problems, friendship problems), managing bereavement or loss, tackling anxiety (panic, social anxiety, claustrophobia) and/or depression, addressing eating problems (bulimia, binge-eating, negative body image), overcoming the effects of trauma (post-traumatic stress, accidents, traumatic incidents, rape, sexual abuse), overcoming obsessions (obsessive compulsive disorder OCD), addiction, substance misuse.

If the issue you are facing is not listed above feel free to ask us if we can help. If we cannot we may be able to recommend someone who can.

Normally appointments are at the same time on the same day at weekly intervals.  If you require flexibility just let us know. You can read more about the formats different people find useful by reading Q5 below.

Several things can influence the amount of sessions that will suit you best. These include:

The length of time that you have been having difficulties
The degree of change that you want to achieve
Your level of self confidence and
How well the type of therapy used matches your personal learning style

Ultimately, we believe, you will know when you no longer need therapy because you will have achieved the changes you want. If initially, you are not sure how long you need, as the work progresses, you will get a sense of what works best for you. To give you some indication of the possibilities for working with us, you can read below some different ways that clients have used our services.

All contracts are flexible and can be changed at any time.

Our preferred payment method is online before your session. Please talk to us if you are unable to make online payments. 

This depends on your type of policy. Firstly, you need to check with your provider to confirm whether counselling sessions will be covered. If so you need to ascertain how many sessions are included and if there are any other restrictions (e.g. time limitations, amount etc). Some of our therapists are registered with the major health insurance providers.  If you would like to work via your insurance just let us know and we will be pleased to allocate you to a therapist who is registered with your provider. Please be aware that you will be responsible for any payments accrued regardless of the type of insurance cover you have.

We offer a low cost counselling service for people who are unable to access full cost services. Please let us know if you want to discuss this option. 

If you are concerned about a friend, family member or colleague you can certainly suggest our service to them. We do recommend that you get them to look at our website so they can see if our approach appeals to them. If you have any queries about recommending someone, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be pleased to respond.

Many of our clients have been kind enough to provide testimonials expressing how effective they have found our service in helping them tackle a variety of different issues. You can find out what they say by clicking here

If you feel the therapy you are receiving is not working for you, we suggest firstly, you speak to your therapist about this. This is because they may not realise you are unhappy and may be able to change their approach to suit you better. Alternatively, you might both agree that the working partnership you have is not really going well for some reason. If this is the case your therapist may be able to make a better recommendation for you. Because they have worked with you they will have some understanding of your issues and may be able to suggest one of our other therapists whose approach might suit you better.

We also understand that on rare occasions some people just do not feel able to speak directly to their therapist. In such instances please contact us on admin@ycscounsellingwales.co.uk. Your feedback is important and helps us understand how effectively our service is working. We will make every endeavour to address problems where possible. If the issue cannot be addressed internally we will pleased to direct you to the therapists appropriate governing body who deal with formal practice complaints.

In the UK, the terms you may commonly hear are therapy, psychotherapy, counselling. Essentially these terms are used to describe a range of talking therapies. We offer a range of therapies including:

• Cognitive behavioural therapy
• Person centred/Humanistic
• Integrative (a blend of approaches)
• Psychotherapy
• Counselling
• Solution focused therapy

Our therapists work in an expert and confidential manner to help you explore your issues.

Anyone can benefit from counselling if they are willing to give the time and commitment to attend sessions and be open to change.

AT YCS, we believe counselling should be for all. We work hard to offer the highest standards in our services. We offer a low-cost service for people who cannot otherwise afford or access full cost private counselling, we offer a range of experienced therapists who work within a range of therapeutic approaches with experience of helping a vast range of issues, from mild, moderate to complex presenting difficulties.

All our counsellors/therapists are assessed and interviewed to ensure they meet the standards we expect including training, insurance and clinical supervision.

Generally, for our low-cost counselling service we offer a 12-session model. The sessions are 50 minutes long in a safe and confidential environment that gives you the space and time to explore your thoughts and feelings.

We always take referrals direct from individuals . We regularly receive self-referrals from people signposted to us by healthcare providers and other organisations. 

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For Private therapy

We are not currently offering a full cost private therapy service.  Private Therapy 

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We ask only for basic information on our website to enable us to make contact with you.

Signing up to use our booking service will also help you book future appointments. 

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

The GDPR is a new European law that has been introduced to improve and unify data protection across the EU. All member states will have to comply with the GDPR from 25 May 2018, so the GDPR has replaced the Data Protection Act 1998 in the UK since that date. Any organisation that processes personal data of EU citizens will be required to comply with the GDPR, regardless of where the organisation is based globally, so the fact that the UK has left the EU does not mean that the GDPR will not apply to UK organisations in the future.

GDPR having replaced data protection in 2018, essentially now governs the way in which data is handled (processed), people’s rights regarding their data and how companies should handle this data.

We comply with all aspects of the UK’s data protection legislative framework, which includes the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the UK’s own legislation, including the Data Protection Act 2018.

YCS have developed a GDPR policy about how we collect personal data and how we treat this data. We have also developed a privacy notice that we provide to any person either working with YCS (staff, volunteer counsellors and Board members) or receiving a service from us (clients), in order to be as transparent as possible about the personal information we collect and use.

We treat privacy and confidentiality very seriously. We are a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO), and as a CIO we have relationships with fundraisers, volunteers, supporters and service users so we use personal information on YCS on a day-to-day basis in order to fulfil our mission to provide low-cost counselling. We never use the personal information of clients to an outside organsiation. We use statistics such as amount of people receiving counselling, areas they live and gender.

For a full copy of our GDPR policy please contact the office. A full copy of the privacy policy is on our website.

In order for us to process but also to protect personal data robustly, YCS has procured a new software package called Oasis that will safely store and protect all our data processing. OASIS is a web hosted solution, which means that no information is held on local computers, servers or laptops. The data is held in a highly secure data centre in the UK operated by Rackspace, who are accredited to IS0 27001:2005 Information Security Standard and are one of the most respected data centre operators in the world. Access is tightly controlled, and only authorised individuals are permitted access to the data centre.

As a result of procuring this new package, counsellors access client information on Oasis.

Using Oasis allows YCS to protect all client notes and details in a safe manner.

YCS will never communicate with anyone without your explicit permission. We ask for details of the GP you are registered with but would only contact your GP after discussion with you. This is discussed in your initial session and your confidentiality is paramount.

YCS requests payment via BACS 24 hours in advance of your counselling session. 

If you are unable to use any of these services, please discuss your payment options with YCS staff when you complete your referral.

We understand that some people are unable to access our offices for face to face counselling. YCS provides an effective online therapy option via zoom to ensure you are able to access counselling wherever you are. We suggest that our online counselling is as successful for our clients as face to face counselling.

We also offer telephone counselling for those who do not want a visual counselling session. However, we only take clients that we consider have mild presenting issues for telephone counselling.

Appointments can be cancelled with 24 hours’ notice. If you cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice the full fee will be incurred. If there is a valid reason for cancelling a low-cost counselling appointment without notice, please contact YCS and we can discuss the fee.

YCS offers counsellors/therapists to provide a comprehensive service to you. Counsellors/therapists have undergone training in talking therapies and continue throughout their career to undertake continuous professional development. Some counsellors specialise in certain fields such as Trauma, EMDR, schema therapy, CBT. 

A Chartered psychologist has been trained in the field of psychology and is registered usually with British Psychological Society (BPS) and often The Health and Care Professions Council (HPCP).

A Psychiatrist is a medically qualified Doctor who has specialist in the field of psychiatry. Psychiatrists can help you with tests and can prescribe medications. Some psychiatrists have also undertaken training in psychotherapy which enables them to practice within the field of medicine as well as talking therapies.