To get started, please select your services from the options below:

Low cost
Low cost counselling
Face to face or online counselling sessions at an accessible price
  • A price to suit you
  • A full referral over the phone with our YCS staff so we can pick the best counsellor to suit your needs
  • Face to face (Cardiff only currently)
  • Online via zoom for the rest of Wales
Private Therapy
Private consultations
Private therapy with
  • Short or no waiting list
  • Complete your own referral form
  • Choose your therapist from our library of experienced therapists
  • Pick the time and day to suit you
  • Face to face (Cardiff only currently)
  • Online via zoom at a time to suit you
Book Room
Rent a room with us
Rooms available for like-minded professionals
  • Easy room rents, no tie in
  • Comfortable rooms with you and your client in mind
  • Lots of like-minded professionals under one roof
  • Rooms available for face to face (Cardiff only) or online
  • Robust COVID procedures in place for you and your client safety