About YCS

Y Cwmni Siarad/The Talking Company (YCS) was established in 2011 and is now a charitable incorporated organisation (CIO), registered with the Charity Commission (charity number1182049). We has a number of different projects within our remit, all of which work to improve access to therapies and counselling for underrepresented groups. The main service we offer is an affordable, low-cost counselling in Cardiff and Bridgend.

We offer this low-cost, affordable counselling to people who are unable to meet the costs of private counselling. As a CIO, any funds left after covering our costs are invested back into the organisation to provide additional services to our target client groups.

Our charitable objectives are: 

The objectives of YCS are stated in the constitution as:

  1. The prevention or relief of mental distress for the public benefit of people living in Wales by the provision of evidence based, accessible psychological therapies, counselling and support services.

  2. The promotion and advancement of the inclusion of people living in Wales who experience mental distress and are less able or likely to seek psychological therapies, counselling and support services, in particular but not exclusively by involving socially excluded groups in evaluating and designing mental wellbeing services that enable increased access

We view ourselves as a charitable business with primarily social objectives, reinvesting any profits generated to achieve the aim of providing the above objectives.

Our practitioners specialise in both short term and long-term counselling helping a range of daily issues to more complex difficulties.

Currently we offer a low-cost counselling service in Cardiff and Bridgend and hope to expand in other areas over the next few years.

As well as our low-cost counselling service, YCS have also delivered continuous professional development training on providing psychological therapies to LGBTQ groups, and we provide a subscription-based website for therapists to advertise their services. Find out more at www.lgbtqtherapydirectory.com